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Unleash Your DNA

Unleash Your Business DNA – Masterclass Surgery

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Professional Speakers Association of the United Kingdom (PSA-UK)
Professional Speakers Association of the Middle East (PSA-ME)


'Presenting What Matters'

3 Free E-books

RAW Group (RAW LTD and RAW LLC) is a leading provider of expert professional speaker services for conferences, congresses, meetings, exhibitions and events throughout United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, with offices established in London and Dubai.

We have presented what really matters to millions of people in 39 countries since 2002. Our vision is to continue to 'present what matters' to people throughout the world. We currently offer extensive value-add services to clients running events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh, Doha, Cairo, Karachi, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Reg Athwal, the founder of the RAW Group of companies is a world renowned presenter and conference chairman. If you are looking for an expert professional speaker to open or close your next conference, meeting or event then look no further.

Reg Athwal chairs conferences as an expert link presenter, livewire moderator, anchor for live interviews, facilitator of panel discussions and forums, and master of ceremonies for prominent gatherings to include Awards Ceremonies, Product Launches, Government Forums, Royal Family Addresses and Celebrity Functions.

A prime-time news review on the 'City7' News Channel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Reg Athwal's 'Unleash Your DNA' Seminar.

A prime-time news review on the 'City7' News Channel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Reg Athwal's 'Unleash Your DNA' Seminar.

Reg Athwal has spent many years building businesses and specializing in human capital management and human potential development, and combines these two areas to be masterful when presenting on the platform, whilst informing and educating audiences throughout their conference experience. What you get with Reg Athwal is a warming and energetic professional delivery style, backed with extensive business expertise and substance.

We understand every event is unique and Reg Athwal customizes speeches and conference chairman services to suit your exact needs. Please contact us immediately and let's explore the possibility of working together and 'presenting what matters' to your delegates.

Creator of the 'Unleash Your DNA Seminar'

Creator of the 'Unleash Your DNA Seminar'

Reg's Bio

Reg Athwal at India Retail Forum with 100 CEOs on stage and 2,000 in the audience

Reg Athwal has addressed millions of people and transformed the lives of more than 20,000 CEOs and 250,000 managers in 39 countries since 2002....

Welcome to the Raw Questions, the NEW released book-journal series created by Reg Athwal and co-compiled by Ayd Instone and Sukhy Athwal,

What is the RAW Questions series?

international published RAW Questions series

"It's doesn't matter what is going on with the outside reality of your life; what matters most is what is really going on with the inside reality of your life. Work 'inside out' and 'not outside in', and Unleash Your DNA! "

Reg Athwal
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World-Class MC/Presenter

World-Class MC/Presenter

Reg’s Keynote Speeches and Showreel


Reg Athwal is booked 97% of the time by new clients, as a direct result of referrals and recomm - - endations coming from delegates and clients who have experienced his speeches and seminars.

Reg's Testimonials

"Mr. Athwal, on behalf of the Central Bank of Bahrain I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your participation in the 9th GCC Banking Conference, which took place in Bahrain in 2009. Your professional link-presenting, moderation and keen mind-set provided a constructive reflection on the panelists of all the sessions, resulting in a strategic and productive conference. I look forward to continuing this kind of collaboration in the future with our government events."

Sh. Nayla Ali Al Khalifa, Head of External Communications, Central Bank of Bahrain

Reg's Television Shows

“Reg Athwal is also the co-founder of OneTVO (www.onetvo.com) – The world's 1st pure online television platform to come out of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

He is the executive producer and host presenter of two flagship shows for OneTVO - 'Talking Tycoons' and 'Entrepreneurs Express', and working on establishing a total of 24 different channels with other anchors and show hosts.”

ONETVO, Talking Tycoons

Reg's Client List

We would like to serve your needs and add your important event to our list as a satisfied client.

Reg's New Book

Unleash Your DNA – Achieve Remarkable Results Fast!

Discover the 6 DNA Realms and 54 Elements of The DNA Model™

Coming in 2010 – Reserve your copy now!

Unleash Your DNA – Achieve Remarkable Results Fast!

What really matters in your company?

How can you achieve remarkable results faster in your company?

How do you Unleash the DNA of everyone in your company and achieve a higher return-on-investment?

What are the true talents and strengths of the people in your company?

As an entrepreneur or executive have you Unleashed Your Personal DNA yet?

"Would you agree that your company can only be successful if your people are? And your people can only be successful if they are passionate and focused about their work, and in the right careers doing the right things and working in the right teams?"

We call this "Unleashing Your DNA"...could your company or conference delegates do with the answers to these questions?

What Reg Athwal can do for you is:


Deliver a high energy opening or closing 60 or 90 minute keynote 'inspirational business speech' at your next conference (congress, exhibition, in-company meeting or event).

To customize the speech with the main theme of your conference and to set the stage for a successful experience for all attendees and delegates.


Deliver a high energy opening 30 minute keynote 'inspirational business speech' and then continue to 'chair, host, anchor or facilitate' the rest of your conference (congress, exhibition, in-company meeting or event).

To include lunches, dinners, awards ceremonies, forums, main platform panel discussions, product launches, sponsorship promotions, seminars or breakout workshops.


Interview your main speakers and some distinguished guests for our various business shows and broadcast them on our online television stations.

These interviews will allow you to reach millions of more people to attract future customers by promoting your services 24 hours a day. This service can also increase the ROI for sponsors and delegates long after the actual event to create an even better experience and bring them back to your next one!

7 Reasons why you should book Reg Athwal for your next Conference

What is an anchor, link presenter, moderator, facilitator or conference chairman?

What programs does Reg deliver for corporate clients for in-company meetings?

What do I do next?

What do I do next?

Please complete Reg's Booking Form and tell us your exact or potential needs.

Email: reg@rawltd.com

Phone/SMS-Text: 971 502 118117 or call +971 507 191146 for International Enquiries

or email Penelope Branson, International PA at penelope@rawuae.com

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